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Dec 17, 2012

Outland 1313 Part One

Betty has been stranded on Outland 1313 for over 100 days, surviving on nothing but meager stolen scraps, defending herself with whatever the landscape offers. She treks through torrential rainstorms and over an unforgiving volcanic landscape to sneak into the vile “Blood Hound’s” encampment...

Sep 23, 2012

For more of Rose Caraway's sexy stories -

It the 1st anniversary of "The Kiss Me Quick’s" podcast. To celebrate, here is the bonus episode, "Rim Job".

As I mentioned on “Panties are for Amateurs” this is one of the chapters from my upcoming audio book, "Tool". It’s another of my...

Aug 12, 2012

Voodoo Dildo Part 2

Lisa finds out the true cost of the perfect lover, in part two of 'Voodoo Dildo'

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Facebook:  The Kiss Me Quick's

Twitter:  @RoseCaraway

Aug 6, 2012

Voodoo Dildo Part 1

Lisa is in a rut, has a dead end job with slight perks, works with knuckle-heads that are modestly entertaining, what else could she possibly need?  

When an old Gypsy has something that Lisa cannot live without, how far will Lisa go to keep it? 


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Jun 30, 2012


Phil Bolton created the country's most renowned bondage magazine that keeps him busy every minute of his life.  After he met his wife, Tina became his favorite hobby and 'Tether Magazine's most photographed model.   Bondage is as much a part of their lives as the air they breathe, and together they show the world...