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Oct 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!!!

Thank you to every single Lurid Listener out there listening to The Kiss Me Quick's erotica podcast. Without you, this show would not have the same life or force that it has, Big Daddy and I treasure all of you and look forward to bringing you many, many more sexy adventures.  Remember, you are all...

Oct 20, 2018

Originally Published in 2015

The Odd Coupling
by Landon Dixon

Libidinous Zombie: An Erotic Horror Collection

#LZ #8Authors

Jade A. Waters
Tamsin Flowers
Remittance Girl
Allen Dusk
Malin James
Raziel Moore
Rose Caraway
Jannine Ashbless

If you'd like more Landon Dixon go to his Goodreads page and let him know!


Oct 18, 2018

Thank you to Nine Inch Nails