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Aug 13, 2022

Chloe realized her ability to smell other peoples lives was not the typical olfactory experience...
Pheromones by KD Grace

Twitter- @KD_Grace

Too Wondrous to Measure by Salome Wilde  

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Rose Caraway
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Jul 28, 2022

A young woman's innocence is pushed to the limits in this Victorian era tale of pain and pleasure.

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Jul 22, 2022

Let's play in the dark!!!

Rose Jordan is a naughty erotica writer hiding beneath a mild-mannered, middle-aged professor. She enjoys writing from the perspective of older women who have embraced their sexuality, often for the first time after they turn 50. New to writing erotica for public audiences, but not new to...

Jun 29, 2022

It's time to see how well you serve me. 

Lee Cairney lives in London, England. She’s interested in writing about sex and the imaginative loophole sex creates out of the boring contract of everyday life. 

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Jun 26, 2022

Ruby has a crush on a lady artist! Let's find where out where this goes together! 

Tess Danesi, a former New Yorker who now lives in rural MD, is a writer of dark and moody erotica. She got started writing at her still up but now neglected blog, Urban Gypsy. Every once in a while, when the mood strikes, she...