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Feb 16, 2015

Happy belated Valentine's Day to all you wonderful Lurid Listeners! Welcome back to another sexy episode of The Kiss Me Quick's Erotica podcast. Today's groovy tattoo story is titled, "Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover", and is written by the one and only QueanofRopeEmily Bingham. Emily is one of the featured authors in The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica, and it is truly exciting to get to narrate another story of hers on the show for all of you. We chatted a while back, over at my other podcast, The Sexy Librarian's Blog-cast. We talked about socks, rope-play and of course, her writing. She was a wonderful guest and I hope, when your done listening to her story, that you click here to listen to her interview.

The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica Audobook! Geti it right here- 

I do hope you enjoy this episode and thank you for listening. Here are some of the links to mentions I made for your convenience.

Writers With Drinks

Charlie Jane Anders

Rachel Kramer BusselSex and Cupcakes; A Collection of Essays

Editorial Reviews for; The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica

And, as always, I'd especially like to thank the following musical artists. And, please, if any of the music used during this episode (or any past episodes) calls to your inner groove, click the links below. Help support their works by donating or buying any of their available albums.

Comfort Fit

Nils Hoffmann

Little Things That Kill

Dumbo Gets Mad


Fancy Mike


Alex Beroza

Chris Zabriskie

And the featured credit song; "Pull Yourself Together And Fall In Love With Me" by The Cold Mailman.

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Thanks so much for listening, Everyone!

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