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Jan 29, 2022

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CUCKWEEK Day #5! MY DARLING CUCK HUBBY by Erin Pim (January 29th)

  1. CUCK QUESTION OF THE WEEK with Nookie, Venus, and Aine.
    A Blog Event hosted at: com

  2. KEYS & ANKLETS: CUCKOLD / BULL DYNAMIC w/Michael C. of Keys & Anklets Podcast. A Podcast Event hosted on Keys and Anklets Podcast.

    A Blog Event hosted by: com

  4. CUCKWEEK ROUNDTABLE ‘PILLOWTALK’ with Venus Cuckoldress
    A LIVE Crowdcast Event hosted at:

  5. Plan Ahead: Rose Caraway is hosting CUCK WEEK FINAL WRAP-UP Q&A session on Twitter Spaces: @CuckWeek.

Curious minds will get to ask my panel of Cucks, Cuckoldresses, Mistresses, and Bulls questions about the cuckold lifestyle. Please prepare questions ahead of time. @CuckWeek’s DM’s will be open during this even, so you can message your questions there if you’d prefer not to speak.


INSATIABLE WIVES Audiobook giveaway!

First come first served.

The first 5 people who tweet: “I♥InsatiableWives” to @theKMQ

will win a free Insatiable Wives audiobook.

No, DMs won’t count.

We want those tweets to show up on our timeline =)


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Castaway: @CastawaySOS

Erin Pim (author of MY DARLING CUCK HUBBY): @TheLadyPim1

The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica Podcast: @theKMQ