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Jan 1, 2014

It is here... The Kiss Me Quick's end of the year special 2 hour show, "Halo Sex"!

I can breathe now. Whew! Big Daddy and I have been working our asses off to bring you, our beloved Lurid Listeners a kick-ass, in your face, end of 2013 erotic adventure and it was not easy, but we did it!

There is so much talent involved in this show and I have to stop right here to say 'thank you'. If during the show you want to stop by any of these artists websites, their names are currently linked right here... Please leave them a note, let them know how much you enjoyed their work.

Thank you to the brilliant Salome Wilde for writing, "Dear Doctor" and to the velvet-voiced Lucy Malone for narrating the piece. I have worked with both of these women on several occasions on the podcast before and I just cannot thank them enough. They are each incredibly talented, strong voiced, highly respected women in the erotica genre and I deeply respect and treasure their talents immensely. Thank you ladies, from the bottom of my heart. If you are a new Lurid Listener, please click here for more Salome Wilde and Lucy Malone goodies featured on past KMQ episodes.

My thanks also go to the incredible Raziel Moore for allowing us to use his stunning, Flash Fiction piece, "Broken". This was Big Daddy's first performance and, if I may be so bold... he nailed it! I knew he would do well, but I underestimated just how well. I think Raziel's words and Big Daddy's voice are a deadly combination... you are very welcome ladies and maybe some gentlemen ;) a gift for you...

♥♥♥I love you Daddy-O.♥♥♥

Allen Dusk, where do I even start? You are the man. You have been so patient and appreciative and so willing to contribute time and again to the show, thank you. From Big Daddy and me both. I have dearly enjoyed reading your gruesome words, either for myself or for Lurid Listeners for a few years now, my friend and it has been such an honor and privilege. I look forward to many more adventures with you. Please thank Melissa again for lending me your precious time with this project.

Finally, I must thank Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails for allowing other artists to use his music. The Kiss Me Quick's podcast relies on a ton of musical talent offered by musicians, like "Shechter" who want to share their music/art with others and we are always so incredibly grateful to them. Having such a world-renown name like Trent Reznor in the credits for our show is like a dream. Thank you for making your work available for projects like this. We are eternally grateful, Trent Reznor for such a gift.

Please go to, or for all things NIN like latest tour dates, merchandise and of course Mr. Reznor's music.

Thank you to every single Lurid Listener out there listening to The Kiss Me Quick's erotica podcast. Without you, this show would not have the same life or force that it has. Thank you for sticking around during the lean months, for putting up with our cheap beginner microphone and my stumbles and stutters along the way. You have inspired me with your comments, your emails, your prayers and honesty. Big Daddy and I treasure all of you and look forward to bringing you many, many more sexy adventures in 2014.  Remember, you are all beautiful. Thank you.


All my best,

Rose Caraway

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eight and a half years ago

That first story would make such a wonderful animated short. As I was listening I could see it as an anime or something in the style of Boris Vallejo. Most excellent.

Salome Wilde
over ten years ago

Wow, this is a wonderful podcast I'm recommending to everyone! And so honored to be part of it. Lucy's reading of my excerpt gives me goosebumps!