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Feb 6, 2013


Lawman is set in a dark future, where the government, through the use of superhuman Lawmen, enforces a rigorously strict moral code.  Dean, retired after years of enforcing the Puritanical rules, decides he wants a taste of the very pleasures he arrested people for when he was a Lawman.

I’d like to thank the following Musical Artists

The Orchestral Movement of 1932 (Two)

Universildo (Llave maternal)

Yacht (Holy Roller)

Spy Over There (the Ocean)

Stefsax (Take a Breather)

Rebel spirit (Recommencer)

the Kyoto Connection (Painting with Lights)

sig serenata (Transgenic)

And the feature Credits song “Ain’t Nobodys_Bizness’ by Nobodys_Bizness 

I’ll have a link to Nobodys_Bizness, as well all the other musical artists him on my website,

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I’d also like to thank the fabulous Lucy Malone for narrating this episode. She can be found in iTunes, Amazon, and Audible. Just search Lucy Malone,


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