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May 10, 2014

I'd like to thank Malin James for writing the story "Bound/Unbound" just for the KMQ Lurid listeners. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers and is one of the many super talented writers featured in the audiobook "The Big Book of Orgasms". 

Malin can be found at
Twitter- @MalinMJames

I'd also like to thank Lady Cheeky for her story "The Massage".
Check out the wealth of sexual knowledge that is Lady Cheeky at

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I'd like to thank the following musical artists


Graeme Revell


Nine Inch Nails


Kevin MacLead 



and the feature credit song by Sacramento's own Death Grips. They are currently touring with Nine Inch nails and Soundgarden we here in Sac-town are very proud of that. 

I encourage you guys to go check out the phenomenon otherwise know as the Big Book of Orgasms Audiobook; A #1 Audible Erotica BestSeller!

Go to and search Rose Caraway and everything I've done should pop right up!

The Kiss Me Quick's is produced by Big Daddy Dayv Caraway

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