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Dec 17, 2012

Outland 1313 Part One

Betty has been stranded on Outland 1313 for over 100 days, surviving on nothing but meager stolen scraps, defending herself with whatever the landscape offers. She treks through torrential rainstorms and over an unforgiving volcanic landscape to sneak into the vile “Blood Hound’s” encampment for food. But today is different. Betty, possibly the only survivor of the surveyor spaceship called, The Scout, sees an opportunity to escape. A mining ship, being stripped of its oar and miners is a common occurrence on Outland 1313, but when Betty sees a miner making a daring escape, her own chances of survival instantly double. If she can just get him to safety. But there is one problem, while the mining ship had been under attack for several days, Travis was unable to take his prescribed inhibitors, and now his libido is coming back with a vengeance. Betty is forced to take the miner’s “problem” into her own hands.

I’d like to thank the following Musical Artists

Sunsearcher (Movie Rhythm) 

Chris Zabriskie (Take off and shoot a zero)

The Meaner (Turn your lights out)

Culprate (Mars)

Grapes (Bars)

Flex Vector(the Beat Goes on)

Jan Morgenstern ( Snow Fight, Finding Scales-Chicken Run, The Ziggurat, Expedition, Dragon Blood Tree, Cave Fight Lament, Cerceling Dragons, Trailer Music)

And the feature Credits song ‘Journey to the moon’ by DJ Code

A special thanks to Jan Morgenstern. His music did most of the heavy lifting on this episode.

Thanks to Cleis press for bringing us ‘Frosting First’

I’d also like to thank the Author of ‘Frosting First’ Lana Fox. She can be found at

I’d like to send out my love and Respect to, my friend, Lucy Malone. She is amazing. Her sultry voice can be found in Amazon, Audible, and iTunes just type Lucy Malone in the search bar. 

And while you’re in Audible, Amazon, or iTunes go ahead and throw Rose Caraway in the search bar as well.

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