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Jan 28, 2013

Outland 1313 Part Two

Betty and Travis are stranded on an the harsh planet outland 1313 and they had both just narrowly escaped the ravenous bloodhounds. Only to discover they were faced with another problem, Travis’s libido normally kept in check by “alliance prescribed inhibitors” is out of control. Let’s see where the go from here. 

I'd like to thank the following musical artists

I’d like to thank the following Musical Artists
Jahzzar (the Guitarist, Toy Wepons)
Culprate (Mars)

Nomina (Bitterfield feat, the Audiologist)
Docks (intro)

Chris Zabriskie (the theatrical poster for the poltergeist III)

Raw Styles (IMFH) 

The feature Credits song ‘Klink’ by Death Grips. Worth a checking out. 

Once again, many thanks to Jan Morgenstern. His work was the musical heart of this show.
(Snow Fight, Finding Scales, Chicken Run, The Zaggurat, Expedition, Dragon Blood Tree, Cave Fight, Lament, Circling Dragons, Trailer Music)

 Special Thanks

Thanks to Michelle Fox for bringing us Werewolf Ménage: Pack Justice. She and her sexy stories can be found at all major ebook retailers.  

Werewolf Ménage: Pack Justice the audio book narrated by Rose Caraway can be found at-

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