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Feb 22, 2021

Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 6

edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel
published by Cleis Press

Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 6 
Sure to heat things up, these 20 adventure-themed stories will take you around the globe as you meet characters eager to indulge their sensual sides.

From competing on a reality show and getting “Inked on My Skin” by an extremely sexy tattoo artist to exploring a “Cabinet of Curiosities,” these characters say yes to their most daring desires. Whether a single mom having a hot vacation fling, a vegetarian lusting after a hunky butcher, a couple visiting a kinky escape room, or a divorcee hitting up a motorcycle club and going on an “Easy Ride,” these erotic tales bare all. Women who’ve been told they’re “too much,” by an ex or the world, discover the joy of asking for more and more and more—and getting it.

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Best Women's Erotica of the Year Volume 6

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