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Apr 30, 2016

I have always enjoyed saying the word; ‘Cephalopod’. It’s soft sounding with just the right amount of syllables to grab the ear and, when it slithers from my lips, I can immediately picture those slippery, suction-smart creatures silently lurking in the dark, mysterious depths of the sea—just waiting to entangle something, or someone.

I’ve wanted to feature a Tentacle story on the show for a while now, but, I didn’t quite know how to write one myself. So, I thought I’d put my own tentacles out to find an author who could. Tamsin Flowers is, well, an adventurous writer who is talented beyond what I can say to you right now. I knew I could trust her to initiate us into the erotic world of a woman and a cephalopod.

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The Sexy Librarian is at it again! This time it’s after hours. Forget the card catalog just for tonight. Come to the back of the library, peruse The Sexy Librarian’s private stacks. Still smart and edgy, with just the right amount of moxie, these stories illustrate the limitless imagination of some of the best erotica authors today. Allow The Sexy Librarian to introduce you to some of her favorite and most trusted Erotica authors, who understand that sometimes you like it hot, intelligent, and occasionally, very, very… dirty!

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“When She Dreamed” written by Tamsin Flowers

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