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Jan 27, 2022

Stupid Fish web links for List of Events:

>Download the 2022 Cuck Week Schedule Here<

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CUCK WEEK, Day #1 (January 27th)

  1. CUCKOLD STORYTIME with Nookie & Ryan of Dating Kinky.
    LIVE EVENT hosted on the MON app. (Only available to iPhone users.)
    Download MON App here.

  2. De-porning Cuckoldry with Crystal Welch
    LIVE EVENT via the MON app, open to the public!
    6pm EST, 4pm MST, 3pm PST
    Download MON App here.

  3. Cuckoldress Musings with Cuckoldress Scarlet

  4. Calling All Cucks with Cucky122217
    LIVE EVENT via the MON app, open to the public!
    10pm EST, 8pm MST, 7pm PST
    Download MON App here.

 Plan Ahead: Rose Caraway is hosting CUCK WEEK FINAL WRAP-UP Q&A session on Twitter Spaces: @CuckWeek.
Curious minds will get to ask my panel of Cucks, Cuckoldresses, Mistresses, and Bulls questions about the cuckold lifestyle. Please prepare questions ahead of time. @CuckWeek’s DM’s will be open during this even, so you can message your questions there if you’d prefer not to speak.

 INSATIABLE WIVES Audiobook giveaway!

First come first served.

The first 5 people who tweet: “I♥InsatiableWives” to @theKMQ

will win a free Insatiable Wives audiobook.

No, DMs won’t count.

We want those tweets to show up on our timeline =)

 Follow these amazing #CuckWeek participants:

Crystal Welch: @CrystalWelch99
Cuckoldress Scarlet: @CuckoldressS
Cucky122217: @Cucky122217
The Confident Cuck: @ConfidentCuck

The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica Podcast: @theKMQ

The KMQ would like to thank the following musical artists:
Ryan Little
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