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Mar 31, 2020

Today's sexy BDSM story, features a wife who likes to bend the rules-- she knows just how to tease her husband, get him hot and bothered. Which is just as well, because her husband knows just what to do about it.

Erotic Teasers: A Cleis Anthology


LN Bey writes BDSM erotica and is an avid reader of erotica, and enjoys a good kinky film as well. LN strives to create a space in which to discuss erotic works of merit—books, films, and art. To showcase smart creative work, whether erotic or not, in hopes of presenting work that you might not otherwise know about. Her favorite area of exploration resides in our human psyche, especially in regards to sexuality, and most especially in the seemingly illogical world of BDSM. Discussion and disagreement, so long as it’s civil, as well as suggestions for further investigation can be found at

Erotic Teasers edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Sexy short stories that will keep you on edge as these characters are made to wait--and they love every minute. From dominant/submissive relationships to futuristic settings, they have perfected the thrill of teasing, taunting and exerting control over their partners, who may protest about their urgent needs but relish being made to hold off until they're given permission. These stories explore the thrill of the opposite of instant gratification, with orgasms all the more explosive because of it. You'll relish every lusty, agonizing moment as these men and women wait for the most arousing reward for their patience.

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