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Oct 11, 2013

The Mother

Please go to to donate to the Shades of Pink anthology charity for The National Breast Cancer Foundation and get the free 33 story romance/erotica e-book Shades of Pink and the full hour and twenty minute production of "The Mother" by Rose Caraway.

Thank you 

I'd like to thank the following musical artists for their support in this fundraiser

Kevin MacLeod
Jan Morgenstern
Do Kashiteru
Chris Zabriskie

And the majority of the musical contribution was by Disparition and can be found at

I'd also like to thank Flex Vector who was gracious enough to Donate some remix and production work for this episode. Please visit tons of great Dubstep. 

I'd also like to thank Kallysten for settting up this charity and giving me the great honor of being included in the Shades of Pink anthology. Please visit her at