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Jan 31, 2024

It's fallen to you to run Wineman House, and it's "redeemed whores" with an iron fist, just as you vowed. Guests have arrived! The mansion's renowned gunslinger, enjoys a particular brand of violence with, in private sessions.
Wineman House's loathsome handyman, Ben, has been slingin' back whiskey all morning.


Jan 29, 2024

Happy Monday, Lurid Listeners!

It's a joy to read you yet another erotic dream from my Dream Journal. Today's dream is one that I had fairly recently, involving a glory hole. When you are done listening to the episode, go have a look at, where I first saw the videos referenced in my dream. Maybe you'll...

Jan 22, 2024

Happy Monday, Lurid Listeners!

For today's episode, I read two back-to-back night terrors I had this past November. I also retell a couple of repetitive night terror dreams I had as a kid. There is a bit of violence in these dreams, including cannibalism and weaponry, so be prepared. Then, I read a blip of a...

Jan 15, 2024

Welcome back, Lurid Listeners!

Superheroes are spectacular fun, aren't they? And, though I suffer from superhero movie fatigue, my erotic side just will not listen, lol!

In today's dream, I am a very cat-like Cat Woman, performing a routine (not singing) on American Idol with Superman, Thor, Aquaman, and Simon Cowell on...

Jan 8, 2024

Happy New Year, Lurid Listeners!

I've got three dreams to share with you today. First, we begin with a dream I had back in 2017 that includes an interesting endnote regarding reincarnation. Then, I'll take you to an apocalyptic time where I meet a beautiful woman in bandanas who's carrying a secret, and who reveals that...