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Dec 23, 2014

Merry XXX-mas! 

I hope all of you have a lovely holiday!
We're going to be off for the next couple of weeks but here's something to tide you over- The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica Audobook! Geti it right here-


I'd like to thank Malin James for bringing us A Christmas Yet To Come
Malin James can be found at

She can also be found on twitter @MalinMJames
Which I highly recommend. She's Awesome!

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Phone- (202) 810-5477


over nine years ago

Hey Rose, what do you think of starting a Members Only podcast? It would be the same content as your audible books but produced to podcast standards. That means the music, the cover art, author interviews, your opening and closing rap. And one more thing - occasional Video! We wanna see what you look like performing!
It hit me that Audible is for peeps who haven't built their own platform to stand on -- but you have! so they need to borrow a platorm. Its not the best for you. You have crafted an erotic home for yourself. Your own home suits you better.
What do you think?

Lace Winter
nine and a half years ago

Rose, Dave, and Malin, that was amazing! I admit it, this is my first time tuning in, and now I see (or rather hear) what it is I've been missing. The stories are, of course, perfect (and so perfectly paired together), but the presentation, the staging, the music -- it all gave me chills. When the first bells began to fade in as you began "An XXX-mas Story" gave me chills, and that's when I realized what a treat I was in for. I had read the story already, of course, and loved it, but Rose, your reading of it raised goosebumps, with the perfect blend of steamy sex and a frightening ghost story.

And Malin's story. Her Marley is very different, and Claire... Wow. It has a perfect blend of arousing eroticism and delightful sweetness. The ending took my breath away.

Thank you so much for this.