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Feb 9, 2014

Welcome to Shady Palms audiobook Chapters 21&22!
Shady Palms is NOT EROTICA, it is a splatter punk/horror novel written by Allen Dusk and narrated by Rose Carway 
Shady Palms is a tribute to 50's "Creature Feature" with a modern twist 

Shady Palms is Available in iTunes, Amazon, and Audible. Just search Rose Caraway, Allen Dusk, or Shady Palms and it'll pop right up! 

Also if you leave a review on Shady Palms in iTunesAmazon, or Audible, you'll get two free audio books, "Tool: Eddie the Auger Harley's Mis-adventures in Porn" and the short story "The Mother". Just Leave a review and email me so I can send you those books. 

Special Thanks to Flex Vector for his music
You can find more music by Flex Vector at

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Twitter @Allen_Dusk

Contact Rose
(202) 810-5477
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